"The Experts in Credit Reporting"
Established in 1974, Metro-Western Cook Credit Services, Inc. has become a leader in providing prompt, customized, accurate, in-depth written reports to determine credit-worthiness.

By becoming a member, you will be able to order credit reports for mortgage, rental, commercial, or other legitimate purposes, either by telephone, mail, fax, or email. See our contact page for contact information.

Expert Staff - Key to Service
A senior staff of knowledgeable, experienced credit reporters provides information that makes sound business decisions easy for the client. Their in-depth understanding of the intangibles, as well as tangibles, of credit-worthiness can be an invaluable service to you.

Integrity and Adherence to the FCRA
When you order reports from Metro, you are assured the highest integrity in reporting as well as quality. Our management is thoroughly familiar with the intricacies of the Fair Credit Reporting Act; we take steps to assure that both we and our clients are in complete compliance with the law.

How to Become a Member
Metro-Western Cook asks only for a modest, one-time-only membership fee. You are never under any kind of contractual obligation for the continued use of Metro services; you are billed only on a per-report basis. To comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, a signed service agreement is required.

Metro Invites You
to join today! We are proud of our leadership role and rapidly growing clientele. As a member of Metro, you become part of a recognized and progressive organization known for excellence in reporting, innovative methods, and prompt service.

Simply give us a call
and we'll do the rest!

Different Approach for Self-Employed
We recognize that a self-employed applicant requires a different approach than that of the typical wage earner. Our reporting staff is schooled in the investigatory procedures necessary to provide you with accurate and pertinent information.

Supplemental Information
We provide you with supplemental information, often available only by written request, to assist you in your decisions. This is often in the form of original documents and is usually provided at no extra charge. We have the capacity, ability, and willingness to serve all of your reporting needs whether commercial or residential.